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An Rx Solution?

An Rx Solution?

April 22, 2024

Like everything else, medicines have gotten outrageously expensive.


Some of us take a dozen prescriptions and some of us 1 or 2. I have

only two; my wife has 14.


If you have good insurance that covers your Rxs, great! If you don’t,

here is a possible solution, SMART Medical, a voluntary subscription

plan that covers 97% of all Rxs.


The cost is fixed:  $22 individual, $27 2-person, $32 family per month.

Do the math. Mailing is always free.


If you click on the button, you can check whether your pills and

serums are covered. If not, their pharmacist may suggest an

alternative prescription to your doctor that is covered.


                          SMART Medical


SMART Medical is available in all 50 States. It is also available to

employers on a group basis.


Questions?  Give us a call @ (302) 856-2734.