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Business Consulting Division


With over 30 years' experience in Financial Planning for Business Owners, we know your responsibilities are many; that you often sacrifice personal commitments to assure the success of your business .   

Our commitment is to help you gather all available cost reductions and applicable tax incentives for your business as well as to legally bend company benefits to your personal needs and objectives. 

We help our clients find money they are losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. Once funds are collected, we can help our clients redirect them to meet their business and personal objectives.

Typically, client objectives -- often unplanned or only partially formed -- are:

     Cost remediation strategies,

     Tax relief -- personal, business and estate,

     Business growth through acquisition/ borrowing/ franchising.

     Retirement (work when you feel like it/ sell/ pension or investments?/ never?),

     A business exit strategy (none/ sell/ leave as planned inheritance/ fold?),  

     Financial stability.

Our fees are self-sustaining:  they are a portion of the savings our studies/audits discover. 

For example, every single Employer qualifies for Tax Credit(s) --

No two owners or businesses are exactly alike, nor should they be. 

To see how we can help you, schedule a no-obligation 22-minute survey in the form below or by calling the office (302) 856-2734. Please list your company in the "Additional Info" section on the form.

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