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Finally, A Solution !!!

Finally, A Solution !!!

March 01, 2023

Finally . . .

I don't know about you, but I have been frustrated for years by the fact that our insurance has so frequently failed us when it comes to covering our prescriptions.

My wife takes over 14 pills in the morning and 10 at night, not to mention insulin.

That this is a burden to keep up with is nothing to the fact that insurance covers some at 100% and some at 60%, some at 70%.  The net result is that her medicines have cost over $2,500 after insurance every year.  My neighbor takes only 3 pills a day and his out-of-pocket after insurance is $1,600.

Mark Cuban, equally disgusted with drug charges opened his own plan that works on a bare (10%?) margin.  Unfortunately, he covers only about 500 drugs, if that.  A few large public companies have tried to work directly with the drug companies and found the internal bureaucracy required to do it killed any savings.


Introducing . . .

  SMARTmedical, a new, tested, approach that will cover the cost for most (so far, not all) prescriptions at a net cost of:

                            $21.99 per month for an individual, or

                            $26.99 for a couple, or

                            $31.99 for a family of 3+ 

Included are insulin, most drugs, free delivery by mail or by using a card which assures $0 payment at virtually all pharmacy chains such as Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reed, CVS, etc.  Smaller, more obscure pharmacies will likely join once they are familiar with it. 

Are your prescriptions covered by SMARTmedical

Only one way to find out: 

Click on the link below and enter the name on your pill container or inhaler, bottle, etc.  Chances are it will be.  If it isn't, there is a telephone number you can call to see if it is an exception or pending.

In addition, SMARTmedical also provides access to most vitamins and supplements at a discount.