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December 11, 2022


Tom Hegna’s live webinar for our clients last Tuesday was a blast!

People are calling and asking how we got him and how inspired they feel having heard him.

Unfortunately, not everyone could get on.  Also, due to numbers limits, some of you were not invited.  

 Good news! 

It was taped. It will be available – free – at  Hegna Replay  but ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT DECEMBER 13th.

This was not part of our deal, but Tom graciously agreed to make it available for the next 72 hours!

Now it's open to everyone!  Tell your friends! 

The title --- Don't Worry, Retire Happy!

Who is Tom Hegna,” some of you asked.  He will introduce himself on the video.  We in the industry know him as a generous, smart, retirement expert and economist.

 He is quoted on CNBC, in Forbes, Barron’s, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, etc.

 For a quick 2-minute intro to Tom, click here:  Tom Hegna.

I apologize for the delay in sending this. Grab it while you can!  After Tuesday, it’s gone!

Last Chance.    Click Here:  Hegna Replay


PS:  No selling, no pressure, no bull.

PPS:  You can pause and rewind at will -- Tom speaks fast.

Please -- let me hear your feedback.