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Wealth and Wisdom

Wealth & Wisdom   Part 1

Money Matrix


Accumulating wealth without knowing how to maintain, grow and safeguard it is the same as having a swimming pool with unrestricted public access: a disaster waiting to happen.

Knowing that a fence or other protection is needed and doing nothing is an example of irresponsible and reckless capitulation to fate – to say nothing of clear personal liability.

Knowing what is right, proving that it is right, and then doing what is right is the responsible action – build the fence, limit access, provide supervision when the pool is in use, and make sure it is monitored and clean.

We all want to be responsible when it comes to our wealth. But do we truly know where the holes in our security are?

Is the “common wisdom” really “wisdom” at all?  

What if what you know to be true about personal finance is really not true? How soon would you want to know?

Wealth & Wisdom   Part 2

Transfers Of Wealth


Wealth & Wisdom   Part 5

Uneasy Awareness


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